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What Makes Hungry Ghost Coffee Great

At Hungry Ghost, the motto is “always chasing the perfect shot.” That means training, persistence and an endless respect for coffee’s complexity. Talk to anyone who makes espresso, and they’ll tell you that “the perfect shot” is an elusive achievement. It’s both an art and science that requires thoughtful attention to every step of the process, from sourcing and roasting the beans to knowing the precise extraction time for a blend and machine. 

Before the first store opened, the Hungry Ghost team sought out the best roasts available—and found them in Stumptown Coffee. Based in Portland, Oregon, with a local roasting facility in Red Hook, Stumptown is among the most respected leaders in the third wave coffee movement and a certified B corporation. They’re famous for their direct trade blends and single-origin beans. This partnership leaves Hungry Ghost baristas free to focus on what they do best: serving that perfect cup of coffee. For over ten years, they’ve been mastering Stumptown’s Hair Bender Blend and customers agree: what keeps everyone coming back to Hungry Ghost is the coffee.

With coffee this good, the rest of the menu has to be just as satisfying. There’s kombucha and the finest cold brew on tap, and a selection of organic teas from Serendipitea. If you’re hungry, you'll also find Brooklyn favorites like breakfast tacos from King David Tacos and pastries from Ovenly, Colson and Lea Bakery

Each day, Hungry Ghost baristas chase that perfect shot. That's why each location meets the highest standards of service and flavor.